“It’s not like I swung my bat or anything,” he said.


October 10. 10am

Greg Salmon | Editor

Australian batsman Matthew Wade has again been involved in a heated exchange with a foreign cricketer. Technically a keeper by trade, the left-handed Tassie skied a sweep shot off South African spinner Tabraiz Shamsi. After narrowly missing the deep fine leg fielder, Shamsi did what any self-respecting bowler would – tell the batsman to get fucked.

But this isn’t an automated response for batsmen, according to Australian and Tasmanian legend David Boon. “We have four options against bowlers. We can smile at ‘em, stare at ‘em, tell ‘em to get fucked, or completely ignore ‘em. I went for the ignore ‘em approach, because I had to play Pakistan and the West Indies every year. It was carnage”. Wade in this case, against a relatively unknown spinner, opted for the “get fucked” route.

Shamsi returned fire with a quicker ball, to which Wade rocked back and pulled to long on. “I’m still convinced he tried to hit him,” laughs former keeper Brad Haddin. “He just had to check his shot against the spin”. Whether intentional or not, Wade took the single and proceeded to, in simple terms, ‘charge the bastard’. “Wadey’s been working on his elbow which is good,” says Haddin. I’m more for the traditional shove, but fair play to him for being creative. We keepers enjoy making cricket a contact sport”.

Boon however, disagrees with Haddin’s ‘keeper mentality’ theory. “Matthew is your typical Tasmanian. He’s tough, he’s full of testosterone, and he loves his piss. First it was me, then it’s Ponting, and now it’s Wade and Faulkner. Australia needs more Tasmanians.” This is Wade’s third major incident, following arguments with Mahela Jayawardena in 2013 and “fucking coward” Grant Elliot in February. Interestingly, Australia lost on all three occasions.